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Mentoring Resources

Here are some suggested guidelines for contact with your mentor/protégé. It is important to agree on the level of support as you begin the mentoring/protégé relationship and keep the commitment you choose to make to each other.

Face-to-face - Schedule at least quarterly face-to-face meetings in a year’s time frame. Refer to the Protégé Needs Self-Assessment and Meeting Protégé Needs sections to guide your discussions. Allow plenty of time for questions and discussions. When travel and time are of concern, a Connect session can easily be arranged for the face-to-face time.

Phone/Email - Work to touch base at least every other week if not more. Establish a regular time to interact and check in with each other. Keep committed to those scheduled times.

Informal Contacts - Remember to invite one another to see each other in action.  Events like educational programs where you’re teaching and /or facilitating, leading discussions, chairing committee meetings and other Extension events will be good to observe. There may be regional and/ or state Extension events where you can connect and check in from time to time.