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Welcome to the TLC Technologies Wiki

Whether you arrived here accidentally or intentionally, welcome.  Is it wrong to use the acronym TLC, usually associated with Tender Loving Care, with the world of Teaching, Learning and Collaborative technologies?  Probably.  But even if it is wrong, at least using the acronym TLC may help those involved with understanding, discussing and using such technologies to do so in a supportive environment.

There is so very much to consider when trying to decide what technologies to explore, learn, and possibly deploy to  improve the effectiveness of our teaching, learning, and collaborative responsibilities.  Where should an AGNR faculty or staff member go to in order to begin this journey?  Perhaps this wiki can help with this question. 

Needs Assessment - needs to be completed

(Perhaps a web-based survey needs assessment is needed here) 

So let's start.  First, before we get into technologies, you need to consider and write exactly what you're hopes, OK goals are. Be somewhat specific.  These goals will be the basis of at least the beggining of your journey.

Have you actually written them down?  If not, stop, do not pass Go, no $200, until you write them down.

Now, consider your comfort with technology in general..........

Teaching-Learning-Collaboration Technologies

Teaching-Learning-Collaboration Technologies (that need to be completed)

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